Betterment of Nashville.


Kash, Dragan, and Tyler met with the city commissioner J.S over lunch today around 11 am to discuss how car meets in Nashville can continue to happen and the response was what we weren’t expecting. J.S is completely fine with the car meets taking place but agrees with us that when the meet gets to the performance section of the meet, that it’s too much and over the top. We all love burnouts, racing, donuts, etc but there is a time and place for it. That’s your reason as to why meets are getting shut down yet people continue to do so. With that being said, the commissioner supports car meets, and not aggressive driving meets fueled by someone who just got their license.

We’ve reached an agreement that the police presence will be lessened if the meet is calm and adult like. Now, that doesn’t mean cops won’t show up, but they won’t show up with intention of shutting the meet down as long as everyone behaves themselves. My personal opinion is that for a period of time of 2019, that meets need to be chill so the police won’t continue to shut the scene down. Once the police, and the commissioner see that were all not terrible people and we’re just looking to showcase our cars and have fun, then we can look into private property where drag racing, burnouts, donuts, etc can happen. But if they don’t see a change, meets will get shut down chill or not.

J.S is very generous by agreeing to meet with us and take time out of his busy schedule so we can come to a resolution so the city is happy, and the car scene is happy so a big thank you to him! J.S is currently in search of a private property owner that will allow not only us but all the other crews to host meets as well with all the fun things that comes from meets. This is an amazing opportunity for anyone in the car scene to grow, and have fun in a safe, controlled environment. We all just need to follow the rules and if we can, beautiful things will come from it.

Additional note: Please do keep in mind that the private property is not set in stone! These were his words that are being forwarded here so everyone knows what’s going on in their scene. We’re just the messenger! Can’t kill the messenger. Nothing is promised. We need to show initiative to make this happen and have the will to behave! Everyone would love to have this.