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NFG Presents: January 6th, 2019 Underground

HOSTS: @NFGCrew, @Touge_NFG, @Kingpin.Nation.NFG

This is not the original Jan 6, this year we decided to mix it up a bit and make it underground. In order to make this meet last longer, we have a total of 5 locations mapped out. All locations will be found at the very bottom of all this text. DO NOT SCREENSHOT AND SHARE THE LOCATIONS ON SOCIAL MEDIA!!!!!! There is a reason why we have this meet password protected and had you DM us, so we can control who gets access to the meet. The longer the meet lasts, the better.

During the first hour of the meet, please refrain from all hooning activities, after that one hour mark, GO WILD!!! Stickers both new and old will be available for purchase if you’d like to buy one, they are $5 each. Shirts are in stock as well for $15. Hot chocolate will be provided as well for $2 your first cup, $1 refill (IF COLD OUTSIDE). Cash, Card, PayPal, and Cashapp are all accepted forms of payment.

We’re excited to post this up and to have this meet. We hope to see you out with the crew. Bring your friends, bring you family and let’s have some fun! Also, please do dress warm!



Location #2 -

Location #3 -

Location #4 -

Location #5 - 1024 Harrison Street Nashville, TN 37203, permission granted in writing. Please be civil.

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